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FYI: If You Aren’t Listening To The Bleachers, You Should Be

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Now I know I’m late to the party here, but have you listened to “Gone Now” by The Bleachers? Jack Antonoff’s sophomore project is an eclectic blend of difficult, yet relatable life issues and the feel good beat of contemporary pop. We know Antonoff from the widely popular “We Are Young” single by Fun, but “Gone Now” shows the true artistic ability he possesses not just with a unique sound, but insightful lyrics.

“Don’t Take The Money” is the first song I heard on this album and it’s arguably the best, featuring a classic 80’s-esque beat and deep new wave vocals. This song has a tasteful mix of upbeat pop with an emotional undertone. Of course this proves Antonoff can produce high quality music, but this song shows his talent for finding that sweet spot between catchy rhythm and relatable lyricism.


“Goodbye” is one of my personal favorites on the album. Many reviews claim the song isn’t as methodized as its predecessor “Goodmorning,” but I think the song is the more realistic of the two. Even through the auto tune, Antonoff’s vocal abilities shine. As depressing as a goodbye could be, this song makes one feel like they are walking down the street of a small town neighborhood, waving goodbye to everyone as if all life’s issues disappear for a moment. Despite a child-like sound, “Goodbye” has a malevolent undertone. Antonoff is leaving behind friends, acquaintances, places, and routine. He effortlessly describes the inevitable reality that most things in life are temporary.

“Let’s Get Married” has the most memorable hook of the album. This song is so simple, yet captivating at the same time. One chorus as easy as, “Let’s get married” combined with a powerful 80’s anthem sound allows Antonoff to transform into a masculine heartthrob professing his hypothetical love. “Let’s Get Married” is the perfect happy-go-lucky ballad to sing along and dance to.

“Gone Now” is the perfect display of Jack Antonoff’s lyrical abilities, as well as a conglomerate of Top 40 worthy hooks and sound. This album takes the listener on a journey of self-reflection and acknowledgement of life’s struggles. The Bleachers ability to make an entire album of high quality music, while maintaining an individuality in sound is key to success for this project and more to come.

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