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Jai Musiq Offers Authentic Good Vibes With “Vacation”

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“Beautiful waters. Sunny skies. Paradise. Where you wanna be?”

What more can you ask for from the Memphis based rapper Jai Musiq and his upbeat yet simple single, “Vacation” featuring Cash Keldry. While the modern calypso beat and poised lyricism provide the perfect combination of relaxation and weekend-turn up. Jai Musiq takes this single one step further with the accompanying music video equipped with beautiful, voluptuous women and poolside partying. Yet even with its stereotypical rap video features, Jai creates something genuine and real. These bikini-clad women aren’t sporting 24-inch waists or twerking manmade derrières. A member of Jai’s crew is even seen drinking Jameson whiskey, not Hennessey, Ciroc, or any other alcoholic beverage flourishing off the coattails of music industry payola. Jai’s lyrics are eloquent but still simple. He invites you to spend a typical Saturday kicking back with his closest friends. The aesthetic makes it hard to believe this is Jai’s first ever music video because he establishes a sense of refreshing authenticity.

“Vacation” isn’t just a summertime anthem, it’s a display of playful chivalry. Jai Musiq’s verses are spoiling the hypothetical woman with the idea of a lavish vacation wherever she wants to go. Yet the video offers the alternative of a staycation with friends. This appeal of being a sensitive, chivalrous man while still sustaining a masculine persona has a Drake-esque feel to it. Jai Musiq, with help from Cash Keldry, paints an elaborate but attainable picture for the laid-back listener on this track.

This Summer Jai Musiq dropped his EP, “Project is Done” maintaining his same genuine energy. Consisting of only three songs, this project seems to be more of an impromptu release of singles rather than a complete project but still delivers quality flow. Even though the tracks lack the versatility of “Vacation,” we can look forward to more songs and videos from the Memphis artist.

Listen to “Vacation” here.

Listen to “Project is Done” here.


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