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Mati tackles heavy emotions on new single, “Immune”

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Emerging lyricist Mati pens reflective bars over smooth melodies on his new single, “Immune.” The AI-generated music video revisits the aftermath of the infamous murder of George Floyd. The anime-style visuals provide a beautiful depiction of pain, confusion, and revolution.

“Immune” has a mellow R&B beat with subtle bass, consistent harmonies, and delicate guitar riffs. His voice cascades over the rhythm with a satisfying inflection across each verse. Heavy emotions hang on every bar. His style is calculated yet free-flowing, effortlessly preaching words of substance and character. He raps, “Crying to the jury for repentance, product of the system, not a menace They put him in a cell for a minute, tell him this is hell, this ain’t prison. You should’ve seen his eyes when he saw the witness, but let me finish.” 

The introspective single is the focus track off the artist’s debut EP Thoughts in Cursive. With influences of gospel and hip-hop, Mati is developing a style and sound all his own. Combining passion and mindful lyricism, he is creating music that goes beyond viral oversaturation and delivers a thought-provoking impact. 

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