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Wes Denzel does all the things only “Some Know” [VIDEO]

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Up-and-coming rapper Wes Denzel delivers confident jabs with an effortlessly cool charm on new single, “Some Know.” The accompanying visual is set in a stylish house with the rapper as the focal point. He performs each verse speaking directly to the camera, opening his house up for a laid back visit.  

“Some Know” has a smooth hip-hop beat that complements Denzel’s deep vocals. He enunciates the end of each bar, seamlessly blending one rhyme scheme into the next. He playfully raps, “Pappadeaux’s dinner fried shrimp with the gumbo, I’m low key that don’t mean that I’m humble, my ego is subtle but jumbo, doing all the things only some know.” The camera jumps to a clip of the rapper enjoying a bowl of gumbo before panning back to his house where he continues to dance along to the beat. 

Denzel’s confidence is infectious throughout the song. “‘Some Know’ is really about myself coming out of my shell and feeling comfortable in my own skin. Throughout the song I show confidence on how only some would know the level of confidence I’m experiencing and also naming a lot of places and things only some people may know about,” he describes, “If you know you know!” 

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