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IX Wulf drops vulnerable new single, “act iii: feel alive” 

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R&B sensation IX Wulf expresses his emotions on newest release, “act iii: feel alive.” His harmonious vocals paint the picture of a relationship, exposing the highs as well as the lows. With each verse, he navigates a new feeling with passion and grace. 

“act iii: feel alive” has an instrumental beat with a simple rhythm. The drums and snares speed up for the track’s chorus. As Wulf harmonizes, the drum pounds creating a powerful ballad. His voice is articulate and crisp with a boisterous tenor range. He sings, “Every time you do what you do to me, I feel alive.” He begins with a quick pace before hitting the extended vocalization of, “I feel alive,” creating a captivating melody. His intricate storytelling and soothing vocals are reminiscent of early Usher. 

The track describes the ups and downs of romance. The artist describes his inspiration, “When dealing with someone who isn’t always yours, there are pauses. Almost as if you’re living within snippets of time. Everything between the last time you were with them, and the present moment, was as if you were asleep.” 

Following the track’s debut, the singer has also announced his forthcoming EP Heal Yourself First is set to release in September. The project will feature captivating visuals that complement his unique artistry. Wulf possesses one of the strongest voices in R&B today, but his thoughtful lyricism sets him apart from the competition. 

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